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We sell the following products:

BLIND RIVETS        blind rivet
BUTTON HEAD CAP SCREWS        button head cap
CAP SCREWS        cap screw
CASTLE NUTS        castle nut
CHIPBOARD SCREWS        chipboard screw
CIR CLIPS        circlip
CLEVE LOCK NUTS        cleveloc nut
CLOUT NAILS        clout nail
COACH SCREWS        coach screw
CUP SQUARE BOLTS        cup square
CUTTING DISCS        cutting disc
DOME NUTS        dome nut
DRILL BITS        drill bit
DROP IN ANCHORS        drop in anchor
DRYWALL SCREWS        drywall screw
EXPANSION BOLTS        expansion bolt
EYE BOLTS        straining eye bolt
FENDER WASHERS        fender washers
FLAT WASHERS        washer
GREASE NIPPLES        grease nipple
GRUB SCREWS        grub screw
HEXAGON BOLTS        hex bolt
HOSE CLAMPS        hose clamp
MACHINE SCREWS        chease hd mas screwcsk mas screw
MASONRY NAILS        masonry nail
NAIL PLUGS        nail plug
NUTS        hex nut

NYLOC NUTS        nyloc nut
PLOUGH BOLTS        plough bolt
RAWL BOLTS        rawl bolt
READY BARS        ready bar
RING SHANK NAILS        ring shank nail
ROOFING SCREWS        roofing screw
SELF DRILLING SCREWS        tek screw
SELF TAPPING SCREWS        selftapper
SLEEVE ANCHORS        sleeve anchor
SPLIT PINS        split pin
SPRING PINS        spring pin
SPRING WASHERS        spring washer
STEEL WOOD SCREWS        wood screw
STOVER NUTS        stover nut
STUDS        stud
TRU BOLTS        trubolt
TURN BUCKLES        turn buckle
U-BOLTS        ubolt
WALL PLUGS        wall plug
WIRE NAILS        wire nail

Metric Hexagon Fasteners are available in grade 4.8 and 8.8 and in black or electro galvanizing.
Most fasteners are also available in Stainless Steel or Brass.
  Most of our products are made in South Africa and adhere to relevant standards.
We only sell imported goods if not produced locally.